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Our Services

We mainly serve customers from the following industries

Automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers in the field of plastic blow-molded parts, injection-molded parts, intake systems, tubes and resonators, technical knitted wire mesh, assembly production from deep-drawn parts, manufacturers of circuit components and manual switching systems, medical technology in the field of filters and dialyzers, sand-lime brick production, manufacturers of rubber products and elastomers, manufacturers of large plain bearings, manufacturers in the field of building- and system technology, manufacturers of aluminium die-cast parts, research institutes.


Assembly and testing systems, transfer and workpiece carrier systems, magazine and feed technology, handling technology, system and process interlinking, robot cells, etc.


Trimming, bending and punching devices, metal-cutting machines (manual to CNC), rotary transfer machines for various mechanical processing operations

Test engineering / measurement technology

Leak testing systems/test benches, test benches for mechanical tests, service life tests, control and measuring devices, workpiece inspection and measurement, infrared linear scanners (IR absorption spectroscopy) for deposit exploration

Medical technology

Sorting and feeding technology for filters and dialyzers, assembly systems, punching devices.
Sealing devices etc.

High-pressure/high-temperature equipment

Multi-anvil apparatusses (200,000 bar and 2500°C), piston cylinder apparatusses (30,000-40,000 bar, 1600°C) and defomation systems for the material- and geosciences.

Labeling systems with peripherals

Printing systems (continuous jet), scribe embossers, needle embossers, laser systems, color marking systems, process-integrated complete solutions

What we also do

CNC milling 2D/3D, CNC turning, surface and cylindrical grinding, contract manufacturing also in small quantities, welding and sheet metal work, 3D design and brainstorming, repairs, overhauls, conversions of old systems, technical advice

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