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Max. Pressure: 30/40 kbarTemperature: up to 1600°C*
Caliber: 0.5" - 1" 

The piston cylinder apparatus has a two-stage hydraulic system with a pressing force of 2.6 mega newtons (approx. 260 tons) and has been completely redeveloped. The pressure generation in particular has been revolutionized and prevents a change in pressure during heating or rapid cooling of the samples (quenching). This is realized by a continuous oil flow through the pressure intensifier and a state-of-the-art SIEMENS PLC® control system, in which the heating control of the 3 KW transformer is also integrated.

The quenching process is fully automatic once the samples have been inserted and the safety doors have been closed.

*depending on asseblies used

System: Modified Boyd-England design
Weight: ca. 3000 kg 
User Interface: Siemens 11 Zoll Touch-Panel
Pressure Vessel: Internally cooled pressure vessel with half-inch caliber (other dimensions possible)

Remote Maintenance, Smartphone control available as an option!



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